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On a day of remembrance of 9/11 and the tragic events of that day in New York and the USA I think back to our day on 9/11/01 and tell a story we have NEVER told before.

9/11 2001 began as we headed to a studio in London called The Church where we had been for the previous two weeks recording tracks for our second album Email At The Cliffs Of Moher.

In January 2001 some members of The Fisher Family, Emma, Mark and Bertie Fisher, friends of ours lost their lives in a helicopter accident. We had decided to include a tribute song to them on the new album due for release November that year and we wrote a song called "Great Moments With You" during summer 2001.

At the time our lead singer Danielle was due to fly to the USA on September 12th so 9/11/2001 was the last day of recording lead vocals. As it was a tribute song to our friends we had kept Great Moments With You until the end of the recording session.

So we arrived at the studio early for final days recording. Meanwhile, Dara and members of his band were flying from Dublin to join us to record the string arrangement which Dara had kindly done for the track.

As we settled into the studio and with Danielle well into vocal takes for Great Moments With You the terrible events of the day began to unfold on the TV in the studio lounge.

We completed the vocal take we were doing and sat and watched in horror at what was happening in New York. Having previously lived in Battersea Park City, NY and memories of a few good pints in the bar by The Path to Jersey in the World Trade Centre what I was watching really horrified.

So on this day 09/11/11 ten years on we dedicate the song "Great Moments With You" which we were unbelievably recording on 09/11/2001 to all the victims and those injured, their families and friends, the emergency services, to all who helped and to all those affected by the tragic and terrible events of 9/11 2001. You are all in our thoughts and prayers today and many days.

As the chorus of the song says "Gone so fast, the memories will last, I'll never forget all those great moments, those great moments with you.

Donald and all at Dance To Tipperary.