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Ole, Ole, Ole and Irish People's Hearts.

Ireland reached the 1990 FIFA World Cup Finals in Italy and Ole,Ole,Ole "Put Em Under Pressure" spent 13 weeks at No. 1 in the Irish charts finding a place in the hearts of Irish people that has remained ever since.

Where Irish people congregate for games the singing and chanting of Ole, Ole, Ole can be heard. The song is regularly played in celebration at Irish home matches and chanted around the world by Irish supporters. Ole, Ole, Ole has become the Irish peoples song at all major football championships and even other sports.

Summer 2002 saw World Cup fever reach Ireland for the second time when Ireland reached the 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals.

Dance to Tipperary recorded Ole, Ole, Ole, (We're Up For The Cup).

Ireland had some stunning performances and made it to the quarter finals of the World Cup and Ole, Ole, Ole (We're Up For The Cup) followed them up the charts giving Dance To Tipperary five weeks of charts success during summer 2002.

As Irish fans worldwide prepare for EURO 2012 and their teams first major championship finals in ten years Dance To Tipperary have recorded Ole,Ole, Ole (EURO 2012 Remix) which is released on June 8th just as EURO 2012 begins in Poland and Ukraine.

The official launch of Dance To Tipperary's Ole, Ole, Ole (EURO 2012 Remix) takes place on Tuesday May 22nd as the countdown to EURO 2012 continues.