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New Single Buck Rogers out Friday July 16th.



Released Friday 16th July

As well as their original compositions Dance To Tipperary have a proud history of taking great songs and making them their own, going right back to their versions of In The Ghetto, Ride On, The Fields Of Athenry (Celtic F. C. Mix) and Olé, Olé, Olé 2002 (We're Up For The Cup) Over the years they've also brought the unique Dance To Tipperary sounds successfully to tracks as diverse as ‘Don't Know What You've Got 'till It's Gone by Cinderella, Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young the breathtakingly epic rock ballad written by Jim Steinman from the movie "Streets of Fire", Castles Made Of Sand by Jimi Hendrix and the ever-growing in popularity remix of Fionnghuala by Anúna (the choir from Riverdance) featuring John McGlynn has joined that illustrious list in recent years.

Dance To Tipperary's next single release is a cover version of Feeder's Buck Rogers.

Originally recorded for their Email At The Cliffs Of Moher album, Buck Rogers the latest single to be taken from Dance To Tipperary's 20 FOR 20 album has been updated, edited, and re-mastered to create the Buck Rodger (2021 Radio Edit).

"I think we're going to make it, "say the lyrics of Buck Rogers. Although the song has been around for over 20 years its energy is as great as ever. Always tricky to do a cover version of a hit song like this but Dance To Tipperary succeed in not only honoring the original vibe but giving it their own flavor, and turning it into a big percussion-driven summer single with Irish traditional music and uplifting energy that's going to make you want to sing along and enjoy.

Dance To Tipperary's Buck Rogers features the amazing Basil Isaac "Black2Basic" on percussion. Basil is best known as the face of Barcardi (Barcardi B Bar) at festivals as well as playing and recording with many great artists including Basement Jaxx and with one of his oldest friends Maxi Jazz from Faithless.

Dance To Tipperary said, "we have always been impressed with the energy and production on Feeder records and Buck Rogers has always been a huge favorite of ours so it was great to interpret in our style. There is a lot of energy in the production of the original so finding ways for the track to still hit hard while introducing Irish traditional instruments was a unique challenge but we are really happy with the sounds and moments we created. Also at the time, we had the opportunity to have Basil Isacc "Black2Basic" on percussion which came out absolutely great. It sure rocks!"

Dance To Tipperary's Buck Rogers (2021 Radio Edit) will be available from Friday, July 16th on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, at Dance To Tipperary Official store and all other good streaming and download services.

Pre-save and pre-order will be available in the coming weeks.