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Meet Chilli

Chilli Gold on joining DANCE TO TIPPERARY as new lead singer

It’s funny how things work out…

There were 2 things that caught my eye on the advert..

The first were the words ‘Irish connection’.

The second ‘Faith Hill’..

So Dance To Tipperary were looking for a new singer.

There was a new album and a new look with a successful decade already under their belts.

This certainly sounded like something I would love to be part of. This sounded like a challenge. I had been singing and writing in a contemporary country style for a while but was keen to get my teeth into something a bit more gutsy.

I emailed Donald Leahy, the founder of Tipp and we exchanged quite a few emails. I think at this stage Donald had been looking for a while and hadn’t found anyone suitable. He was looking for commitment and a desire to really push things forward with Tipp, so…

I directed Donald to my show reel on You Tube. He wrote back saying he thought it could work but what about the Irish connection?

This part was easy…my family are from Waterford. That kind of sealed the deal.

Donald emailed me some of the material that had been written for the album and it quite literally gave me Shivers!

The title track ‘Return To Me’ is a huge ballad which Donald had been writing with Taryn Murphy in Nashville and Chris Landon in LA. The first time I heard it I knew it was something really special. These songs don’t come around very often. So these great tracks just kept coming and I especially loved the feel of the Dianne Warren-penned track. ‘What kind Of World Would This World Be’ an honour to sing a song by such an incredible songwriter.

’Never let It Go’ is my stand out favourite and the one I am most looking forward to performing live. Believe me this song is going to rock. The next single ‘I’m Sorry’ has a great feel, it’s catchy and really radio friendly.

Ok, so I could keep going on about how good these songs are but I will leave you to judge…

All the vocals were recorded at the StrongRoom in London and it was a really great atmosphere as people started to realise how strong the material was on this record.

So now I am really in this thing for the long haul. I feel proud to be fronting such an exceptionally talented bunch of people.

The funny thing is you just never know what the future holds…

But I’m pretty certain I’ve got this one covered for now.

Here’s to the next 10 years Tipp.

Now where’s my ‘Drink Drink Drink!’