• dancetipperary


After 10 years as self styled Irish techno music dance floor innovators Dance To Tipperary's rise to mainstream fame was one of the phenomenons of the early millennium.

Dance To Tipperary's fourth studio album Return To Me, (their first for 5 years) is big,melancholic and their most accessible so far and that's saying allot considering previous offerings from this London, collective.

They flirt with radio-friendly stadium rock on infectious tunes such as I'm Sorry, Never Let It Go and Let me Go Crazy and pull it off with aplomb in an as usual energetic record.

Always keen to push the music Dance To Tipperary's new album Return To Me has fantastic traditional flare and is brimming with memorable songs such as the wonderfully epic title track Return To Me.

With infectious production Dance To Tipperary always remember to take the listener with them. What they do they do well as catchy songs such as Shivers testify.

Dance To Tipperary return with Donald Leahy again on production duties with their fourth studio album Return To Me.

The result is an energetic record as usual with bursts of Irish traditional vibrancy among the infectious tunes and riffs.

Memorable songs include What Kind Of World Would This World Be penned by American songwriting legend Diane Warren. Dance To Tipperary again recruit the unexpected to their repertoire.

With a lush string arrangement What Kind Of World Would This World Be is typical of Dance To Tipperary's amazing unpredictable nature and desire to be different and memorable, surely headed to a movie soundtrack near you not to mention the title track Return To Me. Dance To Tipperary's latest offering is well worth the five years wait and at least a listen or three!"

Available in-store and online.