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Updated: Mar 7, 2019

As fans of Twitter we know the value and interaction of Twitter. Twitter is even better when our followers actually engage.

Recently we were introduced to Twylah. Twylah is a great new way to present all our tweets in an easy to navigate format with video, pictures and information.

Twylah is currently in Beta and we are really happy that we join the growing list of celebs, and entertainers such as Britney Spears and Bon Jovi on Twylah with our very own Twylah page.

Our Twylah page is available to everybody not just our twitter followers and we look forward to adding some Twylah features to our website in the months ahead.

On our page you will be able to navigate all our latest tweets with ease and join us in our daily world of music, news, humour, sport (sometimes) including rallying and the WRC, current affairs and whatever else may be happening.

It will give visitors an instant summary of the topics we are trending most about. Each topic can be expanded to display more on any subject.

Quite simply for a band like us Twylah Rocks!

Here we go, Ole' Ole' Ole' Twylah.

Visit our Twylah page at