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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

DANCE TO TIPPERARY "20 FOR 20" album brings together the classic tracks, big hits and favourites from Dance To Tipperary's 20+ year career and the special vinyl edition features three bonus tracks including "Always Remember The Good Times" "Never Let It Go" and the Dianne Warren penned What Kind Of World (Would This World Be)".

2020 saw Dance To Tipperary reaching the 20th Anniversary since the release of their self-titled debut album 'Dance To Tipperary'. 20 FOR 20 collection brings together the band's biggest hits, most significant tracks, and favourites from the first chart hit "In The Ghetto" (1999) right up to 2017's ever-growing in popularity remix of Fionnghuala by Anúna (the choir from Riverdance) featuring John McGlynn along with tracks such as Ride On (1999), The Fields Of Athenry (Celtic F.C.Mix) (2001), The Foxhunters (2000), Olé, Olé, Olé 2002 (We're Up For The Cup) (2002), Great Moments With You (2001), Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young (2003), Return To Me (2010) Never Let It Go (2020) and current single Midnight Madonna written by Michael Loftus about Dance To Tipperary accordion player Trisha Kelly.

Dance To Tipperary says “20 FOR 20" is a collection of some of our very best singles, hits and favourites. We have recorded four studio albums and some other individual singles so far, the best we could do at all times and people connected with them. They are the soundtrack to a lot of good times and sad hard times too. Now, people say to us how these songs have touched them, created memories or made an impact, however small, in their lives. Some even call us legends!

In late 1998 when we went to the studio for the first time to start to create Dance To Tipperary we were just starting out. It's incredible to think it's now over 20 years since our debut album was released. Before any big hits, big gigs and even the term "Dance to Tipp", it was just a group of friends and musicians steeped in Irish traditional roots who decided to do something different and make a few dance tunes with Irish trad in them. We had no thought of longevity or legacy. It certainly has not been easy at times but we always found some ray of light or hope or support somewhere. We haven't let it go for over twenty years, been close a few times but ultimately didn't.

Releasing 20 FOR 20 was special to us. In the beginning, our aim was to record an album and do some gigs and have some success. So it’s great to recognise something which has meant so much to us, and also to the people who have stayed with us over the years.“

20 FOR 20 also includes some of the band's most successful and favourite cover songs. Dance To Tipperary have a proud history of taking great songs and making them their own, going right back to their versions of In The Ghetto, Ride On, The Fields Of Athenry (Celtic F. C. Mix) and Olé, Olé, Olé 2002 (We're Up For The Cup) Over the years they've also brought the unique Dance To Tipperary sounds successfully to tracks as diverse as ‘Don't Know What You've Got 'till It's Gone by Cinderella, Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young the breathtakingly epic rock ballad written by Jim Steinman from the movie "Streets of Fire", Something Inside So Strong by Labie Siffre, Buck Rogers by Feeder, Castles Made Of Sand by Jimi Hendrix and the ever-growing in popularity remix of Fionnghuala by Anúna (the choir from Riverdance) featuring John McGlynn has joined that illustrious list in recent years.

"These tracks are some of our favourite songs and we tried not to pick the obvious ones. Our aim was to make our own versions of these great songs. It’s what we did. It became one of our strengths live and in the studio and helped us evolve over the years to tracks like What Kind Of World, Never Let It Go and Always Remember The Good Times."

Dance To Tipperary continues: “new listeners join the journey every day. The feeling is that there is still more to be done. 20 FOR 20 is hopefully just the beginning again... the start of the next chapter. We would like to thank absolutely everybody who has supported us along the way and made this epic and the unique journey we started over 20 years ago possible. We hope to see you all sometime in the future."

Dance To Tipperary 20 FOR 20 is available to stream and download at all good online and mobile outlets including Spotify. Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer and Tidal.

The very special double vinyl edition mastered at Abbey Road Studios comes pressed on bright green heavyweight 12" vinyl and features a gatefold package with printed inner sleeves which prominently feature Dance To Tipperary's eye-catching latest logo.

A must for all collectors and fans of Dance To Tipperary, Celtic and Irish music alike.